Donate Your Car

We offer the Motorized Vehicle Donation Program, which gives you the opportunity to donate your end of life vehicle hassle free to the local Groves Memorial Community Hospital Foundation, or a local school or a charity of your choosing. FAR Inc. will purchase your vehicle and send the proceeds, or a portion of it, to the support of your chosen charity. You will then receive a donation receipt through the selected charity (schools are likely not able to provide tax receipts).

Is it worth it?

Of course! An older vehicle, 10 years and older, is worth a couple hundred dollars in scrap metal!

Not only is this a great way of supporting your community, it also helps to protect the environment. We make sure that:

  • all fluids are drained and properly disposed off
  • different materials of the vehicle are separated for easy recycling

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To compete with all of our local competitors we offer high prices for our regular customers and for those who bring in a large amount of product.

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